Selling Jewellery

Selling through Ross’s Online Jewellery Auctions
Ross’s are seeking Jewellery from private collectors and trade. Our valuers offer friendly informed professional advice in the strictest confidence. In order to feature in one of our online auctions, we require the item for sale in our possession prior to sale.

Get a Valuation
If you have anything that you are considering entering into auction and you would like a valuation please either:  
1. Complete the form on this website - click here
2. Email us at
3. Contact us on 028 9032 5448
4. Visit us at our Montgomery Street office

Free Collection of your Jewellery
Ross’s offer the free collection of your jewellery for auction from anywhere in the Uk and Ireland. In order to arrange collection please complete the form on this website or contact us on 028 9032 5448. To arrange free collection click here.

The standard commission for all items sold at Ross’s Online Jewellery Auctions is 18.5% of the selling price. The commission is subject to VAT at the prevailing rate. There will be no administration fees attached.

Unless otherwise instructed in writing by the seller, all lots shall be insured under Ross's policy. A charge of 1.5% of the selling price is levied in accordance with our conditions of sale. Lots not covered under this policy remain completely at the sellers own risk.

Payment is issued approximately three weeks from the date of sale by way of cheque together with a detailed statement. However payment will only be made when all monies due from the buyer have been paid and cleared in accordance with our conditions of sale. All payments are made in sterling, unless otherwise instructed.

Photography & Illustration
Online photography and illustrations are inserted at the discretion of the auctioneer. The Vendor will be charged £6 for an insertion. All lots illustrated and not sold are exempt from any charges whatsoever. 

VAT is charged on the above deductions at the prevailing rate.