June Birthstones

If you were born in the month of June, you are lucky enough to have three birthstones to call your own. June is one of only three months (the others are August and December) that has three birthstones, giving you a variety of beautiful birthstone choices.
The June birthstones are pearl, alexandrite and moonstone. With so many attractive options, individuals with June birthdays can have a birthstone that fits their mood or budget, due to the different colours and price points these gems offer.
Moonstone and alexandrite are a more recent addition to the birthstones list. Pearls and moonstones have a long history linked to them, while Alexandrite is a more recently discovered gem. In fact, it has begun to get more attention in the past couple of decades.


Each one of the June birthstones (pearl alexandrite and moonstone) comes from various locations across the globe. Pearls can come from waters in China, Japan, Australia, the Philippines, and French Polynesia. Alexandrite, on the other hand, has always been exclusive to the mountains of Russia. However, a large deposit got discovered in Brazil. The United States, Brazil, and India are some of the largest exporters of moonstones. This June birthstone presents a unique colour change in different lighting. It can appear green like an emerald by day, but also present a blue sheen in fluorescent light and appear purple under incandescent light. This quality of appearing green in daylight and different at night or in incandescent light makes it a popular choice for birthstone jewellery.



Out of the five pearl types, freshwater pearls are arguably the most popular today, primarily because of their affordability.
  • White pearls feature a traditional and elegant appeal. 
  • Pink pearls like a rose pearl necklace have a feminine and chic aesthetic. 
  • Multi-coloured cultured pearls offer a unique and modern look.
Opt for pearl birthstones if you are celebrating someone born in June. As the traditional June birthstone, the gem of the sea brings timeless elegance to any look, whether you opt for pearl rings, necklaces or bracelets.
June Birthstones