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William Scott RA

William Scott was a still life, landscape, figure and abstract painter born in Scotland. In 1924 he returned to his native town Enniskillen. ‘I was brought up in a grey world, an austere world, the garden I knew was a cemetart and we had no fine furniture. The objects I painted were the symbols of the life I knew best.’. William studied in the Belfast College of Art and then from 1931-1935, he studied at the Royal Academy Schools in London.

Having served in the army for four years, the subject matter of his watercolours were mainly soldiers and of the local landscape. It was not until after the war that he began to paint still-lifes. Scott’s style changed from abstract to representational to abstract again throughout his travels to the USA and Europe.

Throughout William’s career, he managed to produce works at over 400 group exhibitions. He continued to paint until his death however his talent declined. He passed away in his home at Coleford and was buried beside his father who had died in a tragic accident when William was young.


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