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Wilfred Haughton RUA

Wilfred Haughton (1921-1999) was a landscape painter born in Co Antrim and was educated in England at Terra Nova School, Birkdale, Southport and Worksop College, Notts. Haughton served with the Royal Air Force and this unfortunately meant that he could not attend art school. This commitment also meant that the time he had to delegate to teaching himself to paint was extremely limited.


Haughton mainly exhibited in the Dublin Water Colour Society of Ireland exhibitions, showing for the first time in 1949. From 1949-1999, Wilfred showed a total of sixty-five works.


Haughton was elected a full academician of the Royal Ulster Academy in 1959. In 1969, Wilfred decided to dedicate all of his time to painting and began to exhibit widely around the country.

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