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Simon Bradley is an artist who lives in County Down, Northern Ireland.  Many of his paintings are inspired by his past adventures traveling the globe.

Simon's relationship to creating art is both a therapeutic and meditative experience. During the creative process Simon's perception of time alters, he enters a hard trance like yet focused flow state.  When concentrating on painting , for him  hours pass like minutes.  At this time describes how a deeper or other consciousness takes over and the painting almost paints itself. Often the end result is a joyful surprise to this artist therefore each piece is unique and unrepeatable for him.

The concepts for Simon's paintings are diverse, they are inspired by past memories, experiences  or inspired thoughts on humanity's history, future and regularily delving deeply into the spiritual meaning of existence. Myths, legends or examination of religious and ancient history feature regularly. His portrayal of female figures will often subconsciously morph into likenesses of the Lithuainian love of his life.

Simon studied art related topics for seven years in higher education gaining a BA Hons Degree in Product Design ans a Postgraduate Diploma in Computing and Design.  The graphic design element in his studies if evident in his dramatic and intelligent use of composition, tone and colour theory. The artist has been expressing  his inner thoughts since he could pick up a crayon and was allowed to practice on his bedroom wall for years, unfortunately these wonderfully free and imaginative childhood images are lost under emulsion paint.

Simon currently works in the Tree Surgery industry while painting in his spare time, this work has tremendously influenced his themes especially with regards to hus appreciation of nature and mans impact on it.  His creative thoughts ate forged while doing manual labour and by past experiences both good and bad.  He is introverted and introspective often facing inner demons through painting.  Thus artist feels that life is a constant school in which he strives to elevate his awareness and leave behind his mark as he develops.  Simon has seen some the best and worst of humanity and experience first hand events of extreme violence.  His paints attempt to express hope for humanity and that love and light will prevail. Simon very varied vocational history has included being a riot police officer, a bodyguard/security officer on an international super yacht and a care assistant for the elderly.  These roles taught him many life lessons in humility and compassion.  Another influence has been his thirty past years of martial arts training in particular a black belt in Traditional Japanese Jujitsu, this has aided him in sustaining discipline and focus to complete artistic challenges.  For him family us paramount he is a proud father of seven which drives him to strive to be better in all his endeavours and artistic creations.
His works  are mainly made with acrylic paint  in conjunction with other mediums in order to make unusual effects or textures and to convey the story or meaning behind his thoughts  Oil paint is also used on occasion. He paints with speed and controlled passion, preferring to keep a raw unrestrained finished piece rather than a strictly photorealistic style.  In 2019 Simon had a successful solo exhibition at the Down Art Centre in Downpatrick.  

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