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Rowland Davidson

Rowland Davidson was born in Belfast in 1942 and was educated in the Belfast College of Art studying Fine Art before becoming one of Northern Ireland's best-known artists. Rowland graduated and then began to teach Art and Design at a Belfast boys’ school, becoming head of department in 1975.  


Davidson did not become a full time artist until the age of forty-five in 1987. He described this as ‘a step of faith’. “As a student I had planned to become a full-time artist within six months of graduation, but over the years I found that career demands and the need to spend time with my family meant that I had minimal time for painting. When I eventually did become a full-time painter, it was through divine intervention”  


Today Rowland’s work is held in many public and private collections and is in high demand across the United Kingdom and Ireland. His subject is always been on the people of Ireland, more specifically children.


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