Maurice MacGonigal PRHA

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Maurice MacGonigal PRHA

Maurice MacGonigal (1900-1979) was a landscape and portrait artist who began his career as a design apprentice in a company which designed and produced stained glass. He was a member of Na Fianna Eireann from 1917 and was interned in Kilmainham Jail and Ballykinlar Camp, taking drawing and figure drawing classes soon after at the Dublin Metropolitan School of Art. He studied in the Netherlands for a time before returning to Dublin to teach art at the RHA schools and the Dublin Metropolitan School of Art (later the National College of Art).
The artist was awarded the Taylor Scholarship in painting and the Tailteann silver medal for landscape.
MacGonigal exhibited with, was made a member of, served as the Academy’s Keeper and was made President of the RHA. Other Galleries he exhibited with include the Dawson and Taylor Galleries and with the Royal Scottish Academy. A retrospective of his work was held at the Hugh Lane Municipal Gallery. 

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