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In her new figurative paintings Australian artist Julie Poulsen deploys a minimal calligraphy, a rudimentary mark-making that suggests form without describing it literally. She coaxes her material-paint-into recognisable shapes and textures,such as a seated, standing or reclining figure,often in a social context, without denying its physical properties. Paint remains paint, her use of it avoids any deception,and ,as if by magic, through the welter of textured brush marks the viewer obtains a glimpse into Julie’s world. The process is like those games we used to play as children, where a recognisable image is presented as a series of numbered dots that we are invited to join in the correct order. The joining,which is a form of participation in the creative process, magically brings the image to life , allowing us to to recognise what is in front of our eyes. There is excitement and anticipation as the image gradually comes together to the point where it can be named, and when it does, an overwhelming sense of achievement that we have solved the riddle. What was once a meaningless galaxy of dots now makes sense, the formerly broken image has been reassembled. 

By Jonathan Benington, 2020

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