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Josie Robinson Muldowney was born in 1972 Northern Ireland. She is a metamodernist following on from the European modernist tradition of her grandfather Markey Robinson. Previous careers have been journalism in which she still does freelance work and as a public library assistant in Edinburgh. Many jobs have included temporary office work, finance, waitressing and catering whilst a student at King's College London and later, Edinburgh's Telford College.
Her first exhibition was in 2007 at The John Hewitt on York Street Belfast.
Whilst studying for a degree in Fine Art at Ulster University she formed a women's art collective called NOWNOW. They had their inaugural exhibition at The Playhouse Derry- Londonderry in 2016 and then The Long Gallery, Stormont and Waterside Theatre 2017. The women continue to collaborate with their artistic work. Her interests span all historical genres and media. She has published a children's book, 'The Boggies', of which there will be a series. Also there is an upcoming poetry collection. She hopes to continue to paint, write and work with family and friends.

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