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James Dixon (1887-1970) was a primitive painter born in Donegal and his childhood was devoted to fishing and farming. His painting career first began when painting the odd bird or flower. In 1959, Dixon watched the great artist Derek Hill painting and claimed that he could do better. Refusing any help given to him, he made his own brushes out of donkey hair.

James’ first show was held in 1966 at the New Gallery in Belfast followed by one in Vienna and one in London. In 1970 he represented the ‘Aspects of Landscape’ exhibition, which was organised by the Arts Council in Dublin. 

James Dixon - Auction results

There have been 3 artwork(s) sold in previous auctions
  • Lot 212 by James Dixon at Ross's Auctions
    Lot 212 Sale Date: 28 January 2009
    Result: £1,500
  • GREENLAND OWL, TORY ISLAND by James Dixon at Ross's Auctions
    GREENLAND OWL, TORY ISLAND Sale Date: 06 December 2018 Medium: Mixed Media Size: H 15" x W 9"
    Result: £850
  • BOAT AT TORY ISLAND by James Dixon at Ross's Auctions
    BOAT AT TORY ISLAND Sale Date: 11 April 2019 Medium: Coloured Print Size: H 11" x W 13"
    Result: £50