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Hector McDonnell ARUA

Hector McDonnell was born in Glenarm, Co Antrim in 1947 and was the youngest son of the thirteenth Earl of Antrim and his mother who was also an artist. McDonnell was first educated in Eton and Oxford and then he went on to study painting in Munich and Vienna from 1965-1966. His travels enhanced his career as a painter greatly.

In 1979, the Darmstadter Kunstpreis was awarded to Hector which is one of the most impressive art prizes in Germany; he then held a solo exhibition in their art gallery in 1981. In 1992, he returned to live and work in between Northern Ireland and New York.

Today we can see Hector’s paintings in galleries such as the Bell Gallery in Belfast, Grant Fine Art in Newcastle and the Solomon galleries in Dublin. 

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