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David Crone RHA RUA

David Crone was born in Belfast, 1937 and was educated at the Belfast College of Art in 1956 studying sculpture. One of his best-known works in sculpture is the Horse and Rider (1960) and can be seen in the Queen’s University Collection. He gradually finished his education in sculpting and then slowly turned to painting which is something he had never done before.

Sine 1985, Crone has been lecturing in the Belfast College of Art and is viewed as one of Northern Ireland's most vital artists today, having had many solo exhibitions in places such as the Tom Caldwell Gallery, the Northern Ireland Arts Council and the Hendricks and Kerlin Galleries in Dublin.

Michael Longley the poet once said, ‘Nowadays much of the landscape (and townscape) painting in this country celebrates an Ireland that never really existed. It consoles too easily and stops us thinking. In his energetic engagement with the world, Crone defies such complacency. A thundery disquietude hangs over even his brightest creations. His watchful, edgy, ambiguous work suggests that everything – from wild flower to boulder, from graffito to stone cross – is provisional. David Crone’s wonderful paintings commemorate the interim.’ 

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