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Comhghall Casey

Comhgall Casey was born in Donegal in 1976 but grew up in Co. Tyrone. Having been educated at the University of Ulster and graduated with a Fine Arts Degree, Casey moved to Dublin where he began to make a living as a full time artist.

Casey is known for painting everyday still life objects on a small scale such as plants and toys placed on a tabletop. He pays particular attention to the detail of the objects and he also produces a self-portrait every year, which has the same simple approach. Comhghall featured in the Royal Academy London Summer Show from 2011-2013 and then went on to be selected for the BP Portrait Awards in 2013.

Casey said, “The painting begins with an intense period of observation from life. Subsequently, over a period of months, I adjust the balance of colour, tone and line. The resulting images are tangible, distinct and convincing, with an understated presence extending beyond the subject depicted.”   

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