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J.P. Rooney

Born Martin Hasson in 1950 in Northern Ireland, starting painting from when he was 3 years old, his path in painting was established at a very young age. In the 90’s Martin began experimenting in mixed mediums and different subjects and soon his work was to evolve into a different style. His work was portraying a darker, harsher side of Irish life depicting scenes of early Irish settlements and present day struggles.

It was this marked change in style that prompted Martin to create a new name to sign his work with and JP Rooney was born. The name Rooney was chosen after the very man who married him and his wife and a dear and close friend of both their families. This was the man who had given encouragement to Martin in his early career and is now the name that is used to sign his work today.

The strength of the Rooney name has quickly established and the demand increased rapidly, leading to a series of one man shows and the Rooney paintings becoming the sole representation of his work.

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