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JoEllen Brydon was born in the late nineteen fifties in Toronto and grew up in Ontario, Canada. The artist's family had emigrated from county Tyrone in the early 1920s and many of Brydon’s works draw upon the histories of both Canada and Ireland. Working largely in oils and acrylics, the artist states that a key objective for her is to “recapture lost histories and preserve the stories that weave the fabric of a culture”. She has won several awards including the 2001 County of Peterborough Award of Recognition for Leadership in the Arts and the 2016 Canadian National Exhibition Juried Show. Brydon has been regularly exhibiting her paintings since 1985 in galleries across Ireland, Canada and the United States. 

Joellen Brydon - Auction results

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  • GARDEN GATE by Joellen Brydon at Ross's Auctions
    GARDEN GATE Sale Date: 02 March 2017 Medium: Oil on Board Size: H 16" x W 20"
    Result: £380