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Hazel Lavery

Lady Hazel Lavery (1880-1935) was an American born painter who married well known artist Sir John Lavery and was an influence within Irish nationalist affairs at the time, using her home in London to play informal host to the Anglo-Irish Conference (1921). Educated first at Miss Masters, a prestigious finishing school for girls, the artist travelled around France spending some time at an artist’s colony in Brittany learning the techniques of impressionism and studying etching in Paris.

The Arts Collectors Club sponsored the publication of a number of her etchings and her image adorned the Irish currency for over fifty years. Lavery was friend to and corresponded with a number of important figures over the Irish issue including Michael Collins and Winston Churchill. Sinead McCoole wrote a book, using the letters she found between Hazel and such figures, on her life and assistance to the Irish national cause entitled Hazel: Life of Lady Lavery, 1880-1935.

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