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Frank Egginton RCA FIAL

Frank Egginton was a landscape painter born in Cheshire 1908. His family then moved to Devon when his father was appointed headmaster at the College of Art. Frank studied in Newton College and then Newton Abbot College of Art before spending most of his time in an architect’s office where he was able to perfect his painting and drawing technique.


Frank first visited Ireland in 1930 and subsequently due to most of his works being Irish landscapes, he is now considered an Irish artist. Having spent longer and longer in Ireland each year, Egginton exhibited in the 1936 Royal Scottish Academy his work, ‘The Calabber River, Co. Donegal’. He also travelled to Iceland, Switzerland and the USA. When Frank turned fifty, he began to experiment with oils however watercolors were his preferred choice.


Occasionally Eggintons’ work was seen in Rodman’s Art Gallery, Belfast, but when he died in 1990, his nephew Robert Egginton held an exhibition of Frank’s work in the Magee Gallery, Belfast. 

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